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Your Personal Party Perspective

Do you want to throw THE once in a life time blow out of party for your child that they will never forget?  Or do you want to have a life time of multiple party memories for your child to collect?  

Fondant vs Buttercream

No you’re not reading an article from Cooks Illustrated.  Fondant vs Buttercream is a weird topic for a clown to write about but not really.  When it comes to cakes I’m really not THAT conflicted.  


Are you going to eat me?

"Are you going to eat me?" - A real question posed to CLaroL the CLown.


He is so little on tv...

When I was little, my favourite show was the Bozo Show. Fortunately there was a local Bozo in my home town where they also produced the Bozo television show. Did CLaroL steal the show?  Find out why she wasn't allowed in the studio.

Connor's third and fifth birthdays

"You would be there to entertain the other kids, my son is a little unsure about clowns but with the other kids around he’d be ok.”  Against my better judgment and at the insistence of the parent I agreed to perform at the party.   How did the party turn out?  Read on to find out.

Whoopie Cushions don't grow on trees

When I first started my business oh sooooooo long ago, my best friend had also started her career as a teacher. We had met up one day and were talking about our new careers and she disdainfully asked me how I could “dare charge so much for only one hour of work?”    Read how the tables were turned and the clown became the teacher.