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Whoopie Cushions don't grow on trees

When I first started my business oh sooooooo long ago, my best friend had also started her career as a teacher. 

We had met up one day and were talking about our new careers and she disdainfully asked me how I could “dare charge so much for only one hour of work?”  At this point we switched roles and I became the teacher.  You see she had only ever worked for other people or companies in her previously employed years and had no understanding of what it costs to run a business.  To her I was just a person dressed in a costume for Halloween.   Here is the skeletal outline I gave her of some of the considerations for time and cost that go into running my business.

Liability insurance.

Costume & make up. To be CLaroL costs $2500.00 head to toe.  I have 6 costumes & three pair of shoes and wigs because I work that much.

Gas, car and insurance to & from the venue.

Advertising and promotion, phone book, print and online etc.

General office supplies, computer, paper, stamps, etc.

Supplies; balloons, face paint, magic tricks, music, sound systems, pumps, etc.

Professional development:  classes and updating of my skills and talent. Check out my resume and biography for my educational background.

Talent:  Hey not everyone can do what I do.

Time: For every one hour birthday party I do I actually work 3hours –not including office time sending out confirmations/invoices etc.

Office Time:  Book keeping, selling and gathering work, writing blogs etc.

Telephone/Online access. 

One year later I performed at that same friend’s son’s 5th birthday party – she the teacher who dealt with 20 kids a day for an entire school year was flabbergasted.  For it was I “the clown” not the teacher who kept sixteen 5 year olds entertained and occupied, I got them to listen, have fun, open the presents in a calm manner, and got everyone one to the table without a mad race to the cake.  Her response “I could never do what you do! You are worth every cent”.  My response to her "I could never be a teacher – they are worth every cent too". 

PS  She’s probably correcting the grammar on this blog right now!