* CLaroL the CLown • Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about CLowneo video messages by CLaroL the Clown

How do I order a CLowneo Video by CLaroL the Clown?  Follow these steps.

  • Request an order form fill it out and send it to CLaroL the Clown  CLaroL@bell.net
  • Call in your request to CLaroL the CLown 519-948-8634
  • Pay via etransfer, credit card, or PayPal to CLaroL the Clown.
  • Your video link and private password will be sent via email by Saturday. 
  • Deadline for Submissions is Thursday by 5pm.
  • Share the link with friends and families.

How do I request/order a CLowneo Video?

Request an Order Form, fill out, and email back to CLaroL  the Clown  If you are unable to submit electronically, you can call 519-948-8634 to order over the phone.



How much does a CLowneo Video cost?

$40.00 including HST.


When does my order & payment have to be in?

All ORDER FORMS, and payments must be submitted by Thursday 5:00pm EST to CLaroL@bell.net  to allow for enough production time.


How will I know my CLowneo by CLaroL the Clown video request/Order Form has been received?

You will receive a confirmation email/Invoice.  You will also receive email receipt of payment, an email notice when your video goes into production, and an email when your video is ready.


How do I pay for my CLowneo Video?

You can forward your payment three different ways; You will need to pay for your CLowneo by Monday 5:00pm EST.


  • E-transfer to CLaroL@bell.net 
  • Credit card - call in your information to CLaroL the Clown at 519-948-8634. DON’T send credit card information via email.
  • PayPal - via the “Pay” button on the invoice.


Do I need to have a PayPal account to pay?

No. There are options for you to securely use your credit card with PayPal without having a PayPal account.


Do I need to get a special app or join a platform to see my video?

No. You do not need to join, login or download an app to watch your video.  The link and password will give you access to view/download your video on any web browser you use. 


When will I receive my CLowneo Video?

Your video link and private password will be sent via email on Saturday.


What happens if I send my Order and payment in after Thursday 5:00pm?

We will try our best but cannot guarantee to have it ready by Saturday.  


Can I order my CLowneo Video for a specific date and time?

Sorry, all CLowneo videos go out on Saturday.  We suggest you plan your order so you have time to send it out. 


How long will my CLowneo Video be?

The average time per video is 6-10 minutes. Each video is personalized so each video length is different.  There is no guarantee of length of video.


Can I share my CLowneo Video with family and friends?

YES!  Please do.  Make sure you forward/share both the video link and password.


Do I get to keep or download my CLowneo Video?

Yes.  You can download your video and save it to your computer.  From there you can share it with your friends and family.  


Can I save and download my CLowneo Video by CLaroL the Clown?

Yes.  You can watch and download your video as many times as you like during your two-week period.  Once it is downloaded it is your to keep & share forever.


Can my CLowneo Video be sent directly by CLaroL or my friend or relative etc.?

We do not send video links directly to the recipient.  To prevent your friend or family member’s video from going into their spam and/or junk mail, we give you the link and password to share.


How long will my CLowneo Video be available?

Your video link will be available to view, for 2 weeks from the date you received it. You can watch & download your video as many times as you like during your two-week period.


Can I watch this on my Smart phone, iPad, iPhone, tablet, computer etc.?

Yes! you can, as long as you have the video link and password, and access to a web browser.


Will the public or other people be able to see my video?

Your link and password are specific to you and to the people you share it with.  It is not posted publicly anywhere unless authorized by you on the Order Form.


What if my CLowneo video doesn’t work?  

Tech happens!  Call or email us and we'll walk you through the link/download process and/or we’ll try to get it up and running as fast as we can, and/or will send you a new link and password.


I didn’t fill out the Order Form? Your video will not be produced or sent out. 


I didn’t send in my payment? Your video will not be produced or sent out.