* CLaroL the CLown • Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How far in advance do I have to book my party?

Answer: Festivals, Fairs and Event planners book their event date up to one year in advance with CLaroL. Most parents’ call a least one month in advance to ensure they get the date and time they want.  When performing in Windsor Essex County CLaroL performs at more then one party per day.  If your event is in Windsor Essex and you can be flexible with scheduling CLaroL will work with you to make an appearance happen.  Some people have booked up to a year in advance, others have called last minute to secure a date and time. It’s always best to call to check availability.

FAQ: What is the best age to have a clown at a birthday party?

Answer:  Any age.  CLaroL provides age appropriate entertainment for all children.  However, the most memorable “CLaroL” moment for your child and family (i.e. you will talk about it for years to come) will most likely happen between the ages of 4-6 years.  Read my BLog “Connor’s third & fifth Birthday”

FAQ:  What do get when you cross a cow and a trampoline?

Answer:  A milk shake.

FAQ: How do I pay you?

Answer: CLaroL accepts cash, cheque –made payable to CLaroL the CLown, visa or mastercard.  Full balance is due on the date of your party.

FAQ:  What if I have to cancel?

Answer:  Call CLaroL if you have to cancel.  Be prepared when you call to have an alternate date(s) to reschedule your party.   CLaroL’s cancellation policy is given out to each party host upon booking their party.  Please read your confirmation letter & contracts fully.  Most people who want CLaroL at their parties & events know it is not easy to secure a date and time because she is in HIGH demand.  People who have secured their date with CLaroL the CLown rarely cancel.

FAQ: What do you call a cow that has two legs?

Answer:  Ilene.

FAQ:  I’ve called other clowns for quotes and they don’t charge HST.  Why do you charge HST?

Answer: I have been “performing” as CLaroL the CLown for a long time.  CLaroL the CLown has been in a registered business for just as long and as such adheres to procedures, laws and governance of Canada Revenue Agency.  Meaning… running a true blue honest to goodness legitimate business requires me to charge HST.  As for what other clowns do, that’s their “business”.  Read more about “CLaroL and the Tax Man.” under her Blog section.

FAQ:  Will you stay and eat cake?

Answer: CLaroL doesn’t stay for cake or food because she usually has another party or event to get to.  More importantly –although you have invited her to your party – CLaroL is NOT a guest.  CLaroL is at your party to  make sure your guests are having fun.  CLaroL can’t do this if she has her hands and mouth full of food.  Besides CLaroL doesn’t need cake because she is sweet enough as it is - and everybody says aaawweee!  In all honesty CLaroL has severe and life threatening food allergies.  So please do not be offended if she refuses any offers of food to eat or take home.

FAQ:  What do you call a cow that just had a baby?

Answer:  Decaffeinated.

FAQ:  Will you donate your time to our fundraiser or charitable event?

Answer:  Click here to find out.   CHARITABLE EVENTS

FAQ: Are you the original CLaroL?

Answer: Yep. The one The ONLY.

FAQ:  How long does it take you to get into make-up?

Answer: CLaroL leaves 30 minutes for make-up and costume, another 30 minutes to get her show and things ready for each party.   Add on an approximate 30+ minute drive to and from most locations in Windsor /Essex/Tecumseh/Lasalle.   So for every one hour party CLaroL actually works a total of three hours.

FAQ: Where is the farthest place away you’ve performed?

Answer:  North- Labrador City Newfoundland in a snow storm –flight was delayed almost didn’t make the gig.  South – San Pedro Sula Honduras – in the mountains after a torrential rain –can you say MUDSLIDE!    West: Vancouver BC although I did have an offer from Singapore.  East: Charlottetown PEI.  After the gig they served me the best fresh cooked muscles I’ve ever had.  Most events serve hot dogs or pizza –not in PEI.


FAQ:  Is that really you in the pictures?

Answer:  That’s me.  Don’t I look like a supermodel?  I did my hair myself too.

FAQ:  Where you ever in the circus?

Answer:  Yes.  CLaroL and her performance partner Bobo were the opening act for the Royal Hanneford Circus at the Palace of Auburn Hills in 1994.  CLaroL was also offered the prestigious opportunity to attend Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College.  At that time however, a little thing called a green card stood in her way.  The principal at Clown College was a really really nice guy and put CLaroL in touch with all of their teachers.  So she got to study with them each individually.

FAQ:  How long have you been doing this?

Answer:  Doing what?  Ha Ha!  Officially 29 years.  In actuality I started “clowning” about 3-4 years prior to this.  But my family, parents, teachers and friends would say I was a clown WAAAAAAY before then.  I once got sent to the principal’s office –not because I was bad- but to tell him this joke – which I had told/performed for my teacher.  It made her laugh so hard she was crying.  She wanted him to see it.  I was destined.